Metro Concrete Restoration Group

Cleveland Dam

^Above: Metro Concrete Restoration was the successful bidder on a Metro Vancouver project out for tender last year to do concrete repairs on the Cleveland Dam Spillway, as well as coating the training walls. The work is planned for April- October 2018. The project is located in North Vancouver at the south end of Capilano Lake. Project cost is $2 million. This project has a number of challenges that our team needs to overcome. Not the least of which is access.

Stage one and two includes coating the walls of the spillway with a cementitious waterproofing material, both inside, and outsides of the walls. When possible MCR will partner with Pacific Ropes who specialize in high angle rope access. The few areas that their crew won’t be able to access, man basket from cranes will be used to access the repair locations.

Stage thee includes concrete repairs at the top of the spillway just under the drum gate.

One of the other concerns is the environmental containment to ensure that no contaminated water, debris, or construction material ends up in the fish bearing river below the dam. TRI Environmental will be onsite to provide environmental monitoring.

All of the work needs to fit within a finite schedule and is dependent on lake levels which changes with weather and snow pack melt. Capilano Lake supplies approx. 40% of Metro Vancouver’s drinking water. It will be our goal to complete the work requiring the spillway to be dry during the month of August when lake levels are naturally below the spillway level, allowing us to work uninhibited by water leakage on the spillway.

Metro Concrete Restoration Group

Triple Island Lightstation

^Above: Pictured is a bird's eye view of Triple Island Lighstation as the team descends onto the landing pad.

Metro Concrete Restoration Group teams up with Lark Projects Limited to deliver a challenging restoration project. The battered and aging Triple Island Lightstation, remotely located 30 miles west off the coast of Prince Rupert, is receiving structural concrete repairs to the exterior walls. Even in the best sea conditions this location is barely accessible by boat, and because of this, the whole project is mobilized by helicopter. With access challenges being a great concern, this work requires innovated techniques and creative approaches to deliver the scope successfully.

The Triple Island Lightstation was built in 1916, operational since 1920, and has been keeping the passage safe for transport to this day. More information about this unique building and its heritage can be found at

Metro Concrete Restoration Group

Whalley Reservoir

^Above: Metro Concrete Restoration Group recently finished a repair job on the Whalley Reservoir. The reservoir was built back in 1981 with a capacity of 3.8 million litres, the construction of which greatly improved the city’s water supply.

With the help of J.W. Farkas Concrete Restorations, our job was to go in and retrofit all of the joints in the reservoir to mitigate leaking. We then had to coat the whole area with a waterproofing layer for extra measure. Not only was it tricky to ensure the proper confined space and fall restraint aspects were covered, we also had to be extremely careful with all the products that were brought into and used in the reservoir, as it is used for potable water for the general public. There was the added challenge of meeting a tight schedule in December, when the curing of the waterproofing layer took a little longer due to colder weather. The job was completed early January, and the goal to reduce the amount the reservoir leaked was accomplished.

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