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Metro Concrete Restoration Group

We do the bulk of the tasks with our own forces, which facilitates accurate schedules.

Our crews are skilled in a wide variety of concrete repair techniques, learned on the complex and challenging the types of projects we most enjoy.

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Metro Concrete Restoration Group

We have found that concrete restoration projects can often require specialty items like expansion joints, epoxy injection, hydro demolition, and shotcrete, in addition to chipping and patching.

Because we are knowledgeable, certified, and own all of the equipment necessary for these tasks, we are able to get the job done without needing to rely heavily on subcontractors. Doing the bulk of the tasks with our own forces facilitates accurate schedules and efficient service to our customers.

The following sub-categories are the main areas of expertise we have developed over the years:

     Jeene Joints



     Seismic Upgrades

     Epoxy Injections

     Hydro Demolition

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