Jeene® Joints

Metro Concrete Restoration Group

Metro is certified by Watson Bowman Acme® Corp. as an authorized Jeene® joint installation specialist.

Watson Bowman Acme®

Jeene® Joints (Expansion Joints)

Metro Concrete Restoration Group

Jeene® is a patented structural sealing joint system comprised of a neoprene profile, which is air pressurized and bonded in place with a specially-formulated epoxy adhesive. When properly installed, the high performance Jeene® joint system will not tear away, protrude, or slip from its original position when exposed to repeated mechanical or thermal movements.

Metro also offers Wabo®Crete II nosings for Jeene® joints. Wabo®Crete II nosings absorb traffic impact loads and evenly disperse them into the deck, while allowing the system to flex with deck loads. These elastomeric concrete polymer nosings are resistant to ozone, de-icing chemicals, and abrasives.

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