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Metro Concrete Restoration Group

With the recent purchase of a Jetstream X-series water blasting system, Metro has added hydro demolition to the list of skills it can bring to a concrete restoration project.

Using hydro demolition, deteriorated or damaged concrete can be removed quickly and efficiently.

Metro's hydro demolition unit is configured to support two nozzles operating simultaneously to increase productivity.

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Metro Concrete Restoration Group

Hydro demolition is recognized as an effective means of concrete preparation that, by its nature, seeks out and removes weak concrete without the collateral damage caused by other commonly used means of concrete removal and preparation.


The sewage treatment plant of a major metropolitan city required us to go into each of thirteen pre-aeration holding tanks. The covers installed over these tanks trap H2S gas between the effluent water and the covers. The H2S gas reacts with the exposed concrete, creating sulphuric acid which degrades the cement paste.

The repair work was conducted in a confined space and biohazardous work environment. We implemented a detailed confined space entry work program with full-time air monitoring and active ventilation to ensure the safety of our crew.

We found that hydro demolition with a 20,000 psi hydro unit was the most effective method of exposing a sound substrate. Once all the deteriorated concrete has been removed, a 50 mm x 1200 mm shotcrete repair is applied to the prepped surface.

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