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Accredited Professionals for Complete Concrete Restoration Services, in BC

Metro Concrete Restoration is a concrete repair/restoration company made up of a passionate and dedicated group of people with expertise, training, and experience in all areas of concrete repair and materials specification. Metro can draw from a dynamic group of professionals in order to solve concrete problems, and create concrete solutions, wherever and whenever they are needed. Combined, Metro’s staff have over 130 years of experience working with concrete, shotcrete, grout, expansion joints, hydro-demolition, epoxy injection and much, much more.  


Metro Concrete Restoration has the equipment and the trained and certified operators of that equipment to do high quality, long-lasting concrete repairs. We have four ACI certified shotcrete nozzlemen for both vertical and overhead processes. As well, Neil McAskill is one of two ACI accredited shotcrete instructors and examiners in western Canada.

Curtis Syrnyk

Curtis Syrnyk

Curtis has over 30 years of experience as a materials specialist. He is our lead Project Manager and deals with all areas of project coordination. For the past 10 years, Curtis has been Project Manager of the construction group with an emphasis placed on site supervision, providing hands on expertise at all times. It is a priority for Curtis to be on or ahead of schedule and come in on budget. He is an ACI certified shotcrete nozzleman for both vertical and overhead applications.

Neil McAskill

Neil McAskill – Concrete Specialist

Neil has over 40 years of experience specializing in the assessment, repair and construction of concrete and shotcrete structures. He has been involved with the research and development of shotcrete materials and application techniques as well as crew training and materials assessment. He is well versed in the evaluation of all types of deteriorated concrete structures and preparation of specifications for new construction as well as repair of existing structures. He is well known for innovative solutions to difficult construction problems. He also has considerable experience in underwater concrete and grout placement. He is an ACI-accredited shotcrete instructor/examiner & certified nozzleman for both vertical and overhead applications. He is one of the specialists that make up our construction team.

Len Schouten

Len Schouten – Project Manager/Estimator

Mr. Schouten has over 35 years of Project Management and Project Supervision experience. Mr. Schouten has been responsible for projects as a Field supervisor performing concrete restoration and corrosion mitigation   projects. Over the years Mr. Schouten has been directly responsible for projects of various sizes and configurations, overseeing projects of up to 6 million dollars.


Mr. Schouten has been the Regional Manager of the Corrosion and Concrete Restoration division of two other employers in the industry, responsible for all projects in Western Canada. This provides Mr. Schouten with an extensive background in specialty concrete installations, as well as specialty coatings and linings. With Metro Concrete Restoration Mr. Schouten is responsible for Estimating and Managing projects from inception to completion.

Milan Benacka

Milan Benacka

Mr. Benacka has been in the concrete and engineering industry for the past 19 years. In the last ten years he has moved from Site Supervisor, managing the work plans, schedules and crew on a specific site to Project Manager and Estimator.  Over the years Mr. Benacka has gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience, that he is able to draw from to take a project from proposal stage through to completion. He provides practical solutions for concrete repair projects, using experience and expertise combined with specialized and conventional concrete repair methods.  Some of his specialty training includes Structural repairs, concrete protection, grout and injection, structural strengthening, corrosion solutions, post-tension cable replacements, and the use of fibre-reinforced polymer products.  Milan’s attention to detail and timing is impeccable, with all projects completed within budget and schedule. 

Rebecca McAskill

Rebecca McAskill

Rebecca has been with Metro Concrete Restoration for over 10 years. She manages both details of the office and various project details that come through the office. Aspects like contracts, change orders, invoicing, client relations, budgets, and project profitability all go through her capable hands. Her role as a central person in the office and her skill at handling details maintains consistency, and reliability throughout the office.

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